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Eva María Linares Rodríguez

La primera vez que escuché hablar sobre DELSA fue a través del socio español del Proyecto, IWS. Creo que DELSA es una herramienta excelente que permite a las personas mejorar sus habilidades digitales. El curso sobre Tecnología para la Comunicaci...

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Rocío Montero Soler

Hola, conocí los cursos de DELSA Project a través de un enlace de Facebook de una página web, Internet Web Solutions. Entré por curiosidad a un enlace y cuál fue mi sorpresa cuando descubrí que los temas sobre los que trataban los cursos me lla...

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András Révai, President, INNOREG

There was a great demand for this kind of project. The topics of the courses are beneficial for those who really need a quick, easy to understand digital education. I am very pleased that INNOREG could be a part of this project. http://www.innoreg...
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Annie Nugent

Delsa has helped me stay connected with family & friends during a very difficult time in my life. I am 79 years old and I live on my own. During Covid 19, I had to cocoon & became extremely lonely & isolated. I went on the DELSA website and learned...
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Claire McNamara

I was always afraid of technology until I went on the Delsa website. It has thought me that there is nothing to be afraid of. I learned how to set up an email, shop online and how to make appointments online. Delsa has been a saviour for me during ...
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Gabriella De Vincentiis

I heard about the DELSA project through a teacher from my daughter's school. I never fully understood how European projects work, but as soon as the platform was pointed out to me, I thought I'd go and take a look. I was very surprised at how...
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István Varga, Managing Director, Oktker – Nodus Ltd.

I just wanted to share that DELSA project did a really good and beneficial work in the field of digital education for adult. The website is really innovative, informative and easy to use all the training materials. It is easy to spread the website ...
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John Cooney, Enfield Co Meath

So much has changed for people in recent years. Little did I think that I would be taking a degree in university at my age. But I am. I’m doing a community development course. I always been very active in my community even while I was working in a ...
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Kathleen Dowd

The group of learners I support discovered the DELSA project through participation in Longford Women’s Link Community Employment Childcare Scheme. This Scheme provides the opportunity for the unemployed to return to work by providing suitable work ...
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Luciano Mattoni

I like the world of digital, but I've always had a lot of trouble understanding it. My children and grandchildren don't have time to help me and I am always very isolated. When they told me about the DELSA project, I immediately thought it wa...
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Mary Mullen, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan

I live in a lovely area, but it is getting more difficult for older people – I mean people have less time, most people are away in jobs and people don’t call like they used to. I don’t know much about using computers, but I see my family using ...
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Pamela Latimer

I initially became aware of the DELSA project through my work as the Education and Training Manager with Longford Women’s Link (LWL). LWL is also one of the partners on the project that developed this platform. DELSA has proved to be an excell...
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Patrizia D’Angelo

A colleague of mine sent me the link of the DELSA platform. She is aware of my problems with technology, and has always said "sooner or later I will give you a course on technology online, so you will have to learn both because of the content of the ...
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Pat Carey, Castlebar, Mayo

I do not know anything really about the internet, but I see young people on their phones all the time and I wonder what they do be doing. I often said they must find it very hard to see the phone numbers as they are always looking at the phone but do...
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Wilhelmina Pannenkoek

I met the DELSA project through the IHF Instagram page. I frequently use my smartphone, but I know very little about the digital world. The courses proposed by this European project have taught me a lot, in particular about practical applications o...
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