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La piattaforma DELSA è pensata per servire come Comunità Virtuale dedicata alla promozione delle abilità e competenze di base per adulti non altamente qualificati e migliorare le loro abilità digitali.

Il coinvolgimento dei Partners associati è fondamentale per aumentare l'impatto e il valore del progetto DELSA. Ai Partners associati saranno offerti, come premio per il loro impegno e contributo, visibilità in tutte le attività del progetto (in particolare nella fase di Dissemination), accesso anticipato ai risultati del progetto e menzione all’interno della piattaforma OER.

Maynooth Sustainable Energy Community (MSEC)

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Southill Family Resource Centre

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Development Perspectives

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"Tulime, in Swahili "...let's grow!", is an Italian association of people who cooperate with other people in countries traditionally considered "developing". Convinced that the idea of development needs to be...
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An Cósan (Skills to Succeed Academy)

The Skills to Succeed Academy is a free online learning programme, created to help address youth unemployment in the UK by supporting young people to choose the right career, as well as build the key employability skills they need to find and keep a ...
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NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency in Ireland)

The National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) is a charity and membership organisation that works to ensure people with literacy and numeracy difficulties can fully take part in society and have access to educational opportunities that meet their needs. ...
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Tribeka Training Lab

Providing the best work experiences, training courses, workshops and seminars for students and adults, Tribeka is dedicated to bring value into every aspect of training and learning mobility. As partner of schools from all over Europe it has becom...
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Arrabal Aid

ARRABAL-AID is a social and non-profit organization. Our , FROM 1992, is to work for full employment and social integration of people, especially the most vulnerable, supporting them through measures and actions to impact on the social environment. W...
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The Asociación al Servicio de la Investigación y la Tecnología (ASIT) / Association for the Service of Research and Technology is a private non-profit association which designs and manages projects related to technology development and local level...
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Partners del Consorzio

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