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Kathleen Dowd

Kathleen Dowd

The group of learners I support discovered the DELSA project through participation in Longford Women’s Link Community Employment Childcare Scheme. This Scheme provides the opportunity for the unemployed to return to work by providing suitable work placements and training opportunities. Longford Women’s Link introduced the training to the participants and they felt it would benefit participant progression by reviewing their IT individual needs and supporting onward training plans.

From reviewing participation with my learners the overall experience was very positive with the exception of a couple of learners who encountered internet issues due to poor broadband in their area. The majority of learners felt the training was ideal for first timers and it provided easy to understand with step-by-step instructions information. The courses offered were ideal and met needs of a wide range of learners. As the training content delivered was clear and in-depth it resulted in providing both experienced digital learners with new knowledge, resources and skills and it introduced a whole new area of training to the inexperienced digital learners.

The learners felt the training was liberal allowing them to access the training a time which was convenient to them and recap at any time on what they learnt. Diverse training exercises were identified by learners as ideal for people who were relunctant to participate in digital training and they felt they promoted engagement and enhanced self esteem resulting in further progression. Learners liked how simple it was to use apps and they felt the Google maps was a great resource for traveling and that the visual presentation made it easy to identify. They enjoyed learning about different bropwers and URL and they felt that the training would support further training and research needs.

The following are a few quotes from learners
“I believe the online resource was very useful as there was both a read option and an audio option. This allows you read during your free time and also listen while doing other things”

“The content of the lesson is very useful as it has broadened my knowledge on internet and has also enhanced my digital skills”

Suggestions from the learners going forward was that they would welcome any training online and they would also like if one to one support was also available online so you could ask questions if you needed to. Further recommendations included to add a web literacy unit to recognise fake information / fake news. Explanation about using the cookies and viruses and also maybe some online testing and certification at least to allow the person to check if the course content learned is accurate


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