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John Cooney, Enfield Co Meath

John Cooney, Enfield Co Meath

So much has changed for people in recent years. Little did I think that I would be taking a degree in university at my age. But I am. I’m doing a community development course. I always been very active in my community even while I was working in a busy job.

During one class we were looking at isolation and particularly the isolation of older people who cannot get out due to Covid19. Michael (Kenny) was delivering the class and he told the class about the European DELSA project. He showed us the content and how we could show someone who did not know how to do basic things on the computer how they could be done. All of us in the class agreed that it was great especially as it was free. I expected that it would cost as all education does in Ireland. I am paying a big price for the course I am taking.

I think the content in the DELSA is good but there could be more. I also think that the site needs someone to introduce it to people who do not use the internet. I would like to see the tutorials that would guide community people like me on how to introduce the DELSA project to older people and people who are not confident about technology. It is very easy frighten some people and they could easily get afraid that they would so something wrong. There is a lot of talk of fraud and taking money on the internet. Now, I think that knowledge is power against people who steal like this, but older people and others need to trust you before they accept that the DELSA project could be helpful to them and would not be another cost.

It would be particularly useful to keep people in touch in these times when we must physically stay apart.


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