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Genowefa Witkowska

Genowefa Witkowska

Dear Sirs,

I got to know the DELSA course thanks to my daughter who is in touch with the CIRCLE Foundation.

I must admit that at first, I was not very interested in, because I am not any more young person and I did not think that it could be useful to me.

However, I participated in conversations at the family table about the course and the fact that the seasoned people have no opportunity to learn about the Internet, computers and even the possibilities of mobile phones.

I watched the course, of course with the help of my daughter, and I must admit that I was very interested in what I saw. The information on what I can do with a mobile phone was really interesting! I currently have a normal phone but I am wondering whether I should ask for a phone with internet included for my next birthday. I'll surprise my grandchildren when I call them from whatsapp!

Thank you.


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