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István Varga, Managing Director, Oktker – Nodus Ltd.

István Varga, Managing Director, Oktker – Nodus Ltd.

I just wanted to share that DELSA project did a really good and beneficial work in the field of digital education for adult.

The website is really innovative, informative and easy to use all the training materials. It is easy to spread the website as it is an open platform. It also makes learning, networking and developing transnational exchange easy.


1. How did you discover Delsa project?
I met Delsa project through my business partners, Innoreg and LEARNI.

2. What do you think of the courses offered and of DELSA OER platform?

The Delsa courses are inevitable to improve digital skills and competences.

3. Any other suggestions or feedback?
It is a serious step towards developing adult education and digital competence which is ‘the ability to use technology to solve problems and accomplish complex tasks’ – most needed skills these days.


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