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Pamela Latimer

Pamela Latimer

I initially became aware of the DELSA project through my work as the Education and Training Manager with Longford Women’s Link (LWL). LWL is also one of the partners on the project that developed this platform.

DELSA has proved to be an excellent opportunity to help digitally upskill learners and the value of such a project is particularly evident during this pandemic. The approach is practical and logical. Language is straightforward and the website is easy to navigate. The learner can complete all sections in training or focus on the particular areas that suit them best. In addition there is a very useful Glossary of Terms which helps eliminate the mystery of technical terms, however I would recommend that the Glossary of terms is reordered to alphabetical and that the Training menu is reordered.

Digitaldelsa.eu is a particularly valuable resource that tutors can share with learners. This is a resource that helps address a very specific digital skills need and help empower learners move forward with their digital competencies and skills.

Keywords: Information & Data Literacy

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